higher youth

by alaris o'heart

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tracks 1 & 13 contain samples from "balboa island" by Nightjars
track 2 contains samples from "hemlock" by Nightjars
track 6 contains samples from "Nights You Left Early" by Devynn Holley

'higher youth' is about the fears of growing up but allowing the things around oneself to propel them into a new sense of salad days


released December 25, 2015

thank you to all the hands, ears, and minds that contributed to this massive project. thank you to jade for allowing me to sample their work under Nightjars (nightjars-music.bandcamp.com). thank you to devynn for allowing me to sample their work under dev (soundcloud.com/devynn-holley). thank you mia for your piano. thank you jules for your poem. thank you mitchell for the INSANE amount of help on almost half of the tracks, and for the percussion under Levitin (soundcloud.com/levitin). thank you win for your piano on the final track (soundcloud.com/win01889). lastly, thank you to those who have come and gone–i hope this finds you well wherever you are

thank you.



all rights reserved


alaris o'heart Westminster, California

in a wave of sound and sleep

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Track Name: soft violence
in another place i thought we were
but it was just clouds
you are addiction
and i was addicted
and it was all sound

i am of you, do do do do
figure you're tense, do do do do
but i can ease you, do do do do

in the place
you saved while i was away
i am full, but not all out

you are full
of easy colors
not dry
just tired of letting down

do do do do
do do do do
Track Name: here (feat. jules)
in flux
from moment to moment
my eyes peeled to the projection
inner monologues roaming
broken contents

from doctrine to doctrine
roots growing and broadening
i know what i want
the thrones ill overthrow

leaves being trimmed
i forgot
i forget
im so absentminded
i cannot be pinned!

i never want to speak-
that'd cement this flux flower
so i always speak-
does that cement this flux flower
Track Name: so;the earth
from the time
you stepped into mine
you sent me the air to say the end to skies
and if it weren't for it
fear'd be the weight i'd never breathe in alone
but if we're both afloat
you can let me go
although i'll break
it'd be the best mistake
i'd want to do
not so long so will you too

the earth will rise
but this is the last time
that i will see it
open and shut
so long sighs
the depth of your angel eyes
how would i know, how will i know
how far they'll roam

what's to gain
from easing the pain
of losing
every page that writes the end
be still and hold your head
there is a line where you may change
but ascend
i'll be the first mistake
to never let drown
but go on please let me down

the earth with rise
but this is the last time
that i will see it
open and shut
so long sighs
your angel eyes
how would i know, how will i know
how far they'll roam

you are made
of the weight
come laden i will fall down
to your whistling
and i am made
of the end
so the days can drag me down
and if you're listening

you are the sign
you are the sign
that keeps on radiating
through every windscreen

you are a mess
you are what's left
but i can't remember
what i'm missing